#54 - Atrium Closing Down, B2B Gifting & Curly Girl Hair

Sam (@thesamparr) and Shaan (@shaanvp) talk ideas, news, trends and businesses. We've partnered with Rippling! The startup that gives you back your time from payroll to employee compliance, making it unbelievably easy to manage your company’s HR and IT – in one system. If you want to try it out, visit www.rippling.com. Also, we had a listener actually start building an idea mentioned in our last podcast with turning tithing digital. He's documenting his journey and uploaded a video to share with you all in our private FB group -- which you are free to join: www.facebook.com/groups/ourfirstmillion. Here's Paul Graham's awesome essay on Do Things That Don't Scale: http://paulgraham.com/ds.html For detailed show-notes Topics for today: Greetings in the corona world & viral trigger content (0:14), Our run the world event is canceled (1:09), Henry has a mic now... but he's leaving the pod (1:49), A listener is building the tithing app (3:47), Cursing in meetings (5:55), Curly girl hair (8:27), Workout app making $100m/year (12:45), Mixed race shampoo (14:13), Atrium closing down and what Justin said to Sam at Hustlecon (16:24), Paul Graham's Do Things That Don't Scale (22:45), Trader Joe's founder passing away and it's fantastic business (29:25), Hotel franchising (33:49), B2B Gifting (36:14), CEO's discussed actually listen to the pod (42:30), Q&A: What's your best SEO hack for a new website? (43:53), Q&A: How to make your podcast profitable? (46:47) and Best interview questions featuring Henry (49:02). 
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