Near Death Accidents, Hitting $1B ARR, and Selling Like the Grateful Dead with Brian Halligan, Founder & Executive Chairman of HubSpot

Brian Halligan (@BHalligan), founder & executive chairman (and former CEO) of HubSpot, joins Sam (@TheSamParr) and Shaan (@ShaanVP) to discuss what he learned from nearly dying in a snowmobile accident, how he took HubSpot from nothing to $1 billion in ARR, and what he learned about marketing from the Grateful Dead. He also discusses what he does day-to-day, why he has always preferred inbound marketing, how to manage creatives, and much more.
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Show Notes:
* (1:37) Brian’s snowmobiling accident that nearly killed him
* (7:18) How Brian’s life has changed since
* (13:07) What Brian actually does day-to-day
* (28:39) Why has always Brian preferred inbound marketing
* (32:00) Businesses that can be built on top of HubSpot
* (33:34) Org chart business opportunities
* (36:14) Climate Tech Opportunities
* (50:50) How to Manage Creatives
* (55:35) What the Grateful Dead can teach us about marketing