#223 - Sam & Shaan Bet $500, Ozy Media Scam, Why Google is Dying, and More

In this episode Sam (@theSamParr) and Shaan (@ShaanVP) discuss the latest news on the unfolding Ozy Media story, discuss why Google might not be a dominant tech giant in ten years, and place a bet on whether Shaan can make $10k in a day with a mall Santa scheme.
Show notes:
* (1:00) How to explain My First Million
* (2:53) Why furniture-less design is the new style
* (9:46) Shady sh*t of the week: Ozy Media
* (19:44) The research power of Newspapers.com 
* (30:37) Blue-collar side hustle: Mall Santas
* (38:46) Sam and Shaan make a $500 bet
* (40:40) Royalty-free music and its AI-generated future
* (43:04) Why NerdWallet persisted
* (53:13) Why big companies shut down products worth $10s of millions
* (58:48) Why Google and Facebook employees are soft