3 Patterns for Great Business Ideas with Jack Abraham, Founder, Managing Partner & CEO at Atomic

Jack Abraham (@jackabraham), Founder, Managing Partner & CEO at Atomic, sits down with MFM hosts Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (@theSamParr) to talk frameworks for great business ideas, how one hour can have more impact than everything else you’ve done in your career, the Jenga law of time management, and much more.
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Show Notes:
* (1:06) How Shaan originally met Jack
* (3:20) The secret to startup studio success
* (5:22) Why Jack has banned brainstorming sessions
* (23:30) Top lessons learned from the greatest VCs in Silicon Valley
* (28:22) The Jenga Law of time management
* (33:30) Crazy ideas Jack decided not to pursue
* (41:32) Patterns behind great business ideas
* (53:56) The value of focusing on one thing vs having your hands in a lot of things
* (59:40) Jack’s views on the future of crypto