#140 - How Much Do VCs Make?, A Booming Startup Replacing Fridges, and A Board Game Making $5m A Month

Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (@TheSamParr) discuss:

  • 06:05 A booming grocery delivery startup, Fridge No More
  • 12:00 The "Ukranian Tik-Tok", Coub
  • 13:01 The $4b startup you haven't heard of: GoPuff
  • 21:09 A board game doing $5m a month: Hunt A Killer
  • 23:20 The booming audience for “true crime” content
  • 25:48 Shaan went on Wheel of Fortune?
  • 30:08 Converting old shows into podcasts
  • 30:30 Multi-platform shows
  • 31:11 Shaan’s most interesting angel investments 
  • 32:40 “The JIO effect”
  • 44:15 How much angels and VCs make

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