#120 - These Are the Frameworks Every Entreprenuer Should Learn

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Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) aka the King of Frameworks shares his favorite ten frameworks:

  1. Intro (1:38)
  2. Your TO-Do List is Killing You (2:25)
  3. How To Kickoff a Project (5:16)
  4. Big Mario Marketing (8:41)
  5. Getting Un-Stuck (11:40)
  6. Having an Audience is Like Steroids (20:05)
  7. All News is Good News (21:54)
  8. Work Like a Lion (23:31)
  9. Don’t Sell Saddles (24:47)
  10. Cold Emailing to Close Sales (26:46)

Get the PDF version with illustrations at www.shaanpuri.com.

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