#105 with Avlok Kohli and Xavier Helgesen - Leading AngelList Ventures and Buying Businesses Like Berkshire Hathaway

Today’s episode is a double header. Sam Parr (@theSamParr) is out today, so Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) hosts the pod today with two guests Xavier Helgesen (@XavierHelgesen) Co-CEO of Enduring Ventures and Avlok Kohli (@Avlok) CEO of AngelList. In today’s episode you’ll hear: Avlok gives his background on how he became CEO of AngelList (1:55), Shaan asks Avlok how he Fast Buy got acquired so fast (6:15), Avlok shares some ideas he has for the future of business (11:15), Shaan and Avlok talk about how to improve meetings (13:20), Shaan asks Avlok some of the cool companies he’s seen at AngelList (18:45), Shaan asks “What’s it like working with Naval?” (23:20), Shaan and Avlok talk about the problems with traditional funds and the potential with rolling funds (25:30). Shaan interviews Xavier Helgesen (54:52), Xavier gives his background (55:40), Shaan asks Xavier about his solar company in Africa (56:40), Xavier talks about his CFO-brain and how it’s helped his career (59:30), Shaan asks Xavier what he’s interested in lately (61:00), Xavier tells about his acquisition of UpCouncil (66:55), Shaan asks Xavier how to implement a profit-sharing company (78:20), Shaan explains how local and neighborhood networks are simple and profitable (85:10), Xavier explains what he looks at in financial statements when looking at a companies to acquire (68:28), Shaan asks Xavier if he has an opinion on SPACs (95:15), Xavier gives a list of a few books that every entrepreneur should read (102:45). This episode is presented by Tempo! Check them out at tempo.fit and use code "TempoHustle" for $100 off. Joined our private FB group yet? It's a page where people share each others million dollar ideas or what they're already working on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ourfirstmillion. 
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