11. Todd Barry

Hey look! It’s Series 2! Yeah, I didn’t plan on releasing Series 2 until May and I didn’t plan on recording new interviews online with comics from around the globe but look, I also didn’t plan on being stuck inside with a global pandemic keeping us all grounded. So, while this is one week removed from the Series 1 finale, this is not an extension this is very much a new series, the isolation interviews I’ll call them.

My first guest on this new series is the fantastic Todd Barry, based out of New York City, Todd’s career spans over three decades but find out about his early days in Florida and his advice for those trying to follow in his footsteps.

You can keep up with Todd online @ToddBarry (Verified Celeb ✓) or at ToddBarry.com. His Netflix special Spicy Honey is still available, his Crowd Work Tour is on Amazon Prime or iTunes and you can find his book “Thank You For Coming to Hattiesburg” wherever you get your books.

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