My Big Idea #76 – How to set up an independent media collective

Young British female journalist Kam Sandhu talks to ASOS Magazine’s senior fashion and beauty writer Naomi Attwood about Real Media, a cooperative of journalists dedicated to public interest journalism and challenging mass media distortion. They report on issues from housing, welfare, politics to debating racism and de-mystifying the banking industry.

Having spent several years reporting on welfare and austerity at RealFare, journalism graduate Kam co-founded Real Media as a combative independent platform to challenge the media distortion of issues, while promoting and creating public interest journalism.

Kam now divides her time between her day job at a record label and working on projects for Real Media, and she hosts the monthly Real Media podcast ‘Now We Here’ – which covers news from the perspectives of people of colour.

On 10 December, the organisation will be launching the Real Media App – which aggregates the best of independent news alongside their own original content and a media fund that...

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