My Big Idea ⌗73 – how to set up an environmentally friendly social enterprise

Founding director of social enterprise Do Nation, young British female entrepreneur Hermione Taylor talks to ASOS editor at large Danielle Radojcin about how her online platform is inspiring people and companies to make pledges to change their behaviour or start campaigns for the good of the environment.The seeds of the Do Nation concept were first planted back in 2009 when, after getting an MA in Environmental Technology, Hermione decided to cycle from London to Morocco as a personal challenge. Instead of looking to raise money, she asked people to donate simple, sustainable actions to sponsor her trip – such as cycling to work or eating less meat. These donations saved the equivalent of an impressive 84 flights’ worth of CO2 emissions, which inspired her to eventually set up Do Nation.Since then, over 10,000 people have made nearly 19,500 pledges on Do Nation supporting other people’s challenges, and Hermione herself has even given a TED talk on why small actions can help to tackle climate change, using her life-changing adventure to Morocco as an example. Initially a platform for individuals to make pledges, Do Nation has attracted the interest of the corporate world. Today, their clients include popular food and drink brand Innocent and the electronics giant Siemens.Hermione is looking to get even more people and organisations involved with Do Nation and inspire the next generation of leaders focusing on issues of sustainability. Here’s Hermione’s big idea.

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