Gabi Gregg of Gabi Fresh - My Big Idea #5

Hello and welcome to this week's episode of My Big Idea with our guest Gabi Gregg of fashion blog Gabi Fresh. My Big Idea is an Asos podcast giving young women advice and inspiration to start their own businesses. Gabi started her blog in September 2008 after graduating college with an interest in fashion journalism. Gabi knew first-hand the lack of resources for younger, trendier women sizes 14 and up, so she decided to fill the void in the fashion industry. Over time, Gabi Fresh has transformed into a popular personal style blog, where she shares fashion advice (mainly consisting of 'ignore fashion advice!') and encourages women to take risks with their style and not feel limited by their size. Gabby believe that women should dress in whatever they find exciting and enjoy wearing, rather than trying to adhere to rules about what to wear according to your body type, her aim being to empower women to dress free from the constraints of 'plus sized styles'. Gaining success rapidly, Gabi has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Rip the Runway, and the MTV VMA’s. She has also been featured in Glamour, Teen Vogue, InStyle, The New York Times, Seventeen, Time Out New York and Cosmopolitan, inspiring women all over the world.Gabby tells Asos editor Caroline how her blog took off and about her aim to liberate women from 'fashion rules', encouraging women to dress for themselves. Here's Gabi's big idea.

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