Why Is Sugar So Addictive? & How Can We Teach Our Children To Make Healthy Food Choices?


Why is sugar so addictive? Why are schools still feeding our children so many sugary treats? And how has eating sugar in our own childhoods affected our health and current relationship with the sweet stuff?

My Baba founder Leonora invited Lizzie King, a nutritional health coach and founder of Lizzie Loves Healthy, onto the show to talk about sugar and the potential damage it’s doing to our children’s health.

Key topics the episode touches on include; whether making a swap from refined to natural sugar is necessarily the best option (04.28), the safest time to introduce sugar to your child or whether you’ve done so without realising (11.00), healthy after-school snacks (16.30), going cold-turkey and quitting sugar (20.18), why sugar levels have quietly crept up in processed foods (27.30), sugar and gestational diabetes during pregnancy (33.50), and how to identify if your child isn’t getting enough of certain food groups (43.05).

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