How To Tackle Screen-Time As A 2020 Parent

This episode of My Baba's podcast Parental Control is dedicated to talking about screen-time, technology and children's behaviour.   From Fortnite and Minecraft to apps and dreaded social media, child psychologist Dr. Maryhan Baker helps unfold these taboos and gives us all some great advice and food for thought on parenting in 2020!   This is a must-listen for any modern parent or anyone who might feel like a distracted parent.   More articles and expert advice by Dr. Maryhan:   Parental Control: Episode 6 How to Raise Well-Behaved Children & Why You Should Never Tell Your Child To Calm Down   How To Manage Screen-Time In Five Easy Steps   How To Create A Stress-Free School Drop Off In Five Easy Steps   Must-Read Expert Advice On How To Support A Child With ADHD   How To Help Toddlers Manager Their Emotions & Avoid Tantrums   Help Your Child Wind Down After School With These Simple Steps

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