Homeschooling: Are You Coping? Expert Advice From A Child Psychologist

Homeschooling is playing a huge part in so many of ours lives right now, and a lot of us are finding it hard to cope - parents as well as children.

We invited child research psychologist, Dr. Amanda Gummer, to the show to answer some of our questions on homeschooling and family life in general right now. 

About Dr. Amanda Gummer

Dr. Amanda Gummer is widely considered the UK’s go-to expert on play, toys and child development. With a PhD in neuropsychology and over 20 years’ experience working with children and families, she’s a favourite with the media, including the BBC, Sky news, the Telegraph and Times Radio. Amanda is often contacted to offer comment and advice on the news stories that matter most to today’s parents - including anxieties at home, exam pressures and how best to navigate the challenges that face families day to day.

Amanda is founder of The Good Play Guide an independent, expert organisation, dedicated to ensuring every child can develop the skills needed to thrive and enjoy a happy, healthy childhood,  and The Good Toy Guide a trusted resource for parents and gift-givers to find toys which promote fun and learning whatever the occasion or needs of the child.

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