Skin Uncovered: Everything From Eczema And Sun Damage To Freckles And Moles

"This month I was so happy to speak with Joanna Jensen, founder Childs Farm and consultant dermatologist, Dr Jennifer Crawley. It seemed very apt to be talking-to them during National Eczema Week.

I had so many questions for these two from how to look after a baby’s skin all the way up to tween issues and sun damage throughout the ages.  I have been using Childs Farm products on my children from day one, and  I love the story behind the brand. Joanna is an absolute inspiration to women, and I always call on her for anything skin related.

During the pandemic, my hands have taken a real battering and that was one of the main reasons along with it being National Eczema week that I wanted to pick her brains.  I hope you find this podcast as interesting as I did. Do feel free to share it on the school run." Leonora Bamford, founder of My Baba.

How to maintain healthy skin in children - how sensitive is a newborn's skin?  

When and how you can start using Baby products in the bath?

Tips on baby massage/moisturiser application

Newborns/babies: what skin issues should I be looking out for? 

Freckles and moles? When to seek advice. 

What is eczema? How can I treat eczema?

When should sunscreen be applied? How much sunscreen should you apply? 

Vitamin D - is there a time when you shouldn’t put on sunscreen?

Does a UVA swimsuit offer more protection?

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