‘Two New Mums’ Amy Voce And Jennie Longdon Talk Pregnancy, Birth And Baby Kit

Leo Bamford and Ellie Thompson team up with 'Two New Mums' Amy Voce and Jennie Longdon to chat pregnancy, birth and baby kit in this latest episode of Parental Control. Virgin Radio DJ Amy Voce and Absolute Radio DJ Jennie Longdon have been co-hosting comedy podcast Two Non Blondes since 2017, before falling pregnant two days apart, around 9 months ago. This incredible coincidence saw the launch of their new spin-off podcast 'Two New Mums' as they tackle everything relating to fertility, pregnancy and kids, navigating the path of parenthood with the help of guest experts.

We welcome Amy and Jennie to Parental Control for this all-girl ep to discuss birth plans, hospital bags, and which baby kit they're buying ahead of their imminent new arrivals. Favourites include the Cybex PRIAM pushchair and the Snuzpod, as well as wondering if they can make do with dog beds and figuring out exactly what a steriliser is.

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For Amy and Jennie's baby kit shopping list click here

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