Why Do Our Children Have So Many Allergies? And Are We Too Clean?

Why do people get allergies? What does an allergic reaction look like? Are vegan and gluten-free diets contributing to intolerances? And how can we help our children develop healthy immune systems?

My Baba founder Leonora invited Dr Tom York, full-time GP and first-time dad, on the show to talk about allergies, why allergy rates are increasing in children, how to spot an allergic reaction and whether our overly clean lifestyles are damaging to our health.

Key topics this episode touches on include: how ‘the hygiene hypothesis’ and cleanliness affects allergies (04.00); how our diets have changed over the years (06.02); whether vitamin D supplements can support our immune systems (06.55); what to eat during pregnancy to reduce the risk of childhood intolerances in your baby (08.00); the best ways to treat allergies (10.42); and how pollutants in the home are causing reactions (15.18).

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