Coping with Christmas

Christmas can be a really special time, but it can also be a difficult one. Michael and Wes hear from Kelly Da Silva, Fertility Mentor at My Surrogacy Journey. Kelly is a former fertility patient with a background in emotional support. She works to develop and improve the patient experience for those on their fertility journey, with a specific focus on emotional support. She talks about the importance of preparing for Christmas, when you might be struggling with infertility and childlessness. And gives advice on ways to prepare.

Anna Buxton, podcast host, IP Coordinator and Advisory Board Member, and Sophie Smith, the Egg Donor Coordinator, both share their experiences as IPs at Christmas. Michael and Wes talk about how they explain surrogacy to family members, when the children are around and how to normalise different families.

My Surrogacy Journey brings together experts and educational support for intended parents, surrogates, donors and their families in the UK.

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