Jerry Springer the Opera with James Shaw

In this episode, we chat to James Shaw of That's Classic Entertainment about which of life's truths can be learned from Jerry Springer the Opera!

You can find more from James and his compatriots at, and you can find his podcast here:

"The BBC is bracing itself for further criticism after it screened Jerry Springer - The Opera on Saturday.

Hundreds of Christian protesters rallied outside BBC buildings before and during the broadcast on BBC Two.

At least 45,000 people contacted the BBC about the show, mainly to complain about swearing and religious themes.

The BBC denied reports that any bosses were in hiding after abusive phone calls, but said unpleasant calls had been received and reported to police.

Director general Mark Thompson defended the decision to screen the programme.

Mr Thompson, himself a practising Christian, said he believed there was nothing blasphemous in the production and was going out after the watershed with "very, very clear" warnings about strong language."

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