Ep4 – HAROLD SHIPMAN – The Angel of Death

Donal MacIntyre investigates some of the world’s most notorious killers asking if they were born evil or whether their dysfunctional relationships with their mothers turned them into monsters.Dr Harold Shipman, was Britain’s most prolific serial killer with at least 215 known victims. Was Shipman simply addicted to murder, playing God by killing many of his elderly female patients with overdoses of morphine or did his upbringing turn him into a mass murderer? His mother was a domineering and controlling mother who worshipped the young Harold and made him believe that he was better than everyone else. When she died a painful death relieved by morphine, did this sow the seeds of Shipman’s murderous career? Join Donal and criminologist Dr Elizabeth Yardley as they examine one of the most disturbing, unique and perplexing criminal cases in British history.

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