8: Where to now?

In this final episode, we bring in a handwriting expert, Andrea Scarfe, to review the Asmodeus letter and cross-reference the handwriting with that of potential writers, including Walter Maxwell Dumont Dunn.

We also examine the life of this man more thoroughly.

We wrap up where we’ve got to so far in our investigation and leave the listener with some potential theories.

More importantly, we leave the listener with some remaining questions in the hope that the podcast will stimulate discussion and open up new avenues for investigation.


Murder Archives is written and presented by Emma Curtin.


Editing and sound by Courtney Carthy

Produced in partnership with Nearly


Thanks to all those who added their voices to this podcast (in alphabetical order):

Daniel Alfieri

Courtney Carthy

Simon Curtin

Alan Hands

Cassidy Krygger

Ben Mitchell

Elaine Mitchell

Gill Neale

And our experts:

Charlie Bezzina

Dr Byron Collins

Dr Karen Scally

Andrea Scarf


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