4: Who was Norma?

This episode goes beyond the police and newspaper records and focuses on the lives of Norma and Edith through the eyes of those who knew them.

We meet some of Norma’s relatives and examine information passed down the family line.

We learn about Norma’s growing independence and a secret that remained hidden until 20 years after her death.

And we began to develop a picture of the relationship between mother and daughter, which once again raises questions about Edith’s guilt.


Murder Archives is written and presented by Emma Curtin.


Editing and sound by Courtney Carthy

Produced in partnership with Nearly


Thanks to all those who added their voices to this podcast (in alphabetical order):

Daniel Alfieri

Courtney Carthy

Simon Curtin

Alan Hands

Cassidy Krygger

Ben Mitchell

Elaine Mitchell

Gill Neale

And our experts:

Charlie Bezzina

Dr Byron Collins

Dr Karen Scally

Andrea Scarf


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