#13 Louis Black - What Happened to Richard Linklater’s Austin?

On today’s episode, we’re talking to Louis Black, the Austinite who co-founded the Austin Chronicle and SXSW, and most recently directed a documentary about filmmaker, Richard Linklater, called Richard Linklater: Dream Is Destiny. Linklater is one of the most important Texan filmmakers of our time, and one of the first people to capture the slacker vibe of old Austin with his film, Dazed and Confused.

Black is a tour du force who has watched SXSW—and this town—experience massive changes since the festival began 29 years ago. Helen spoke with him about pre-SXSW Austin, his friendship with Linklater, the new doc, and how that iconic drive-in scene in Dazed and Confused with Matthew Mcconaughey came to be.  


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