Episode 40 - Mindful Living with Founder of The Mindful Enterprise - Gary Young

Mojo injections all round in this amazing episode with Gary Young from The Mindful Enterprise.  I am just coming to the end of an 8 week Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC), led by Gary and Craig Ali based on the work of international mindfulness teacher Rob Nairn.

By adopting a mindfulness practice, those on the course are expected to enhance every aspect of their wellbeing (physical, mental and emotional health). Brain imaging studies have proven that regularly practicing mindfulness can rewire the brain to reduce reactivity & stress, as well as enhance parts of the brain linked to focus & concentration, memory, empathy and understanding, all leading to enhanced impulse control and strengthened relationships.  I have loved this course and we talk very openly about some lessons from it.  I hope it helps you. Jojo x #mojoinjection