Episode 81 - Are you living your dream or ignoring that little voice? with Elaine Lennon (Singer and Songwriter)

I am so thrilled to have Elaine Lennon as my guest this week.  She is a source of huge inspiration and the intention of this episode is to help you get closer to your dreams or to encourage you if you are following your dream but you feel alone.  This will give you a huge mojo injection.  Are you living your dream or the dream of someone else? Perhaps a partner, parent or friend?  Let me ask you to get still and think about what YOU want.

Elaine finally decided to follow her dream and as a result she is making a huge impact:

2019 Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Award Winner.

Nashville Songwriter's Association International (NSAI) 'One to Watch' and 'Top40'.

Debut Single 'Trouble' out 8th November 2019.

Debut Album out 24th January 2020 at Celtic Connections:

“One of the best debut albums I have heard in years...some of the most powerful and passionate lyrics I have heard in a long time...a delight from first track to the last" - FATEA Magazine

'Really Lovely Stuff’ Ben Glover

'Original beautifully crafted songs, branded with her own unique sound, while evoking the distinct sensation you have been listening to her music all of your life!’ Findlay Napier

'Elaine Lennon's music and writing has a powerfully transporting, ethereal nature to it, immersing and lifting the listener with compelling storytelling and sincere truth-telling.' Michael Logen

'Rich in colour and full of flavour, with one of those rare voices that just sounds effortless and organic.’ Danny Schmidt

‘The subject matter is common but you found a new way of saying it...it’s very difficult to do what you did and make it sound effortless...unique, beautiful language’ NSAI

'Lennon recalled some of the classic singer songwriters from the past with echoes of Janis Ian, Dory Previn and even Nina Simonehovering around, the latter especially evident on the bluesy ‘Trouble’.” Paul Kerr (AmericanaUK)