Episode 88 - Should we travel with kids? and mental wellbeing uncut with Jojo Fraser and author Sandy Bennett Haber

Jojo is back with a bang, albeit taking things slowly after a much needed digital detox and rest.  Lots of stuff is going on with the virus we all fear but Jojo wants us to focus on the positive.  Love, friendship and support.  Say no to far too much bad press that is so negative.  So no to bullies.  Say no to people who are fake and play games.  Say no to trolls and remember that hurt people, hurt people.  Love must be at the centre.  God is love.  

What a podcast, I want to travel with my two amazing kids right now.  Where should we go that is viral free?  I have some ideas and some exciting news ahead.  But first relax and enjoy all this free wisom.  Sandy you are incredible. Thanks for the mojo injection you gave us all.  Contact sandy at details below.