Episode 109 - Expressing yourself and Growing mindfully with Jarrien Philip and Jojo Fraser

Jump in for your weekly mojo injection and the final episode of 2020.  This week we cover a lot from expressing yourself and living and growing mindfully.  The episode ends with potentially the most sexy song of all time.  

Jarrien Philip is a Resilience Coach , based in Scotland.  She helps others to step into their power and realign with their true self. Jarrien offers 1:1 Coaching in person and on Zoom.  Connect with her on Instagram - @jarrien_findingyou and www.arden-uk.com

Jojo Fraser is a Tedx Speaker, a motivational author, blogger and coach.  She is a Mental/Spiritual Health Researcher and loves wild swimming and singing.  

Connect with her on Instagram, facebook and twitter @jojofrasermojo or mummyjojo.com.

Email - mummyjojoblog@gmail.com