Episode 89 - Getting high naturally and recovering from Mania and Hypomania with 'Scotland's Queen of Positivity' - Jojo Fraser

This week,  'Scotland's Queen of Positivity', Jojo Fraser gives a raw and brutally honest account of living with, being diagnosed with and recovering from her first ever hypomanic and then manic episode.  This episode is brutally honest and has been made to help those and the families and friends of those going through it.  This episode features music by the incredible Elaine Lennon with her hit 'only love can break your heart'.  This track helped Jojo when she felt lost and alone in hospital and provided her with lots of comfort.  Jojo and Elaine spoke on the phone, whilst Jojo was in recovery.

Jojo coached Elaine on the run up to her Tedx talk which you can check out here - https://www.ted.com/talks/elaine_lennon_little_bird_little_sailor

Here is what Elaine had to say about working with Jojo -

'Jojo is so down to earth yet really energising and motivating - it’s like talking to one of your best buddies! She puts you at ease right from the start and is a total pro, listening closely to your needs and giving you exactly what you require to help you achieve your best! Her little gems of tips really helped me focus and hone in on the real message I wanted to deliver, all done in a really fun and positive way! The visualisation meditation she prepared for me was really helpful - it showed that Jojo really listened to the areas that had made me twitchy and built the visualisation around those points. It’s something I will listen to many times over the years.'