The Survivors Club, Part 1 with Jodie Keegans

Hello everyone, I do hope you're well and thank you for listening. This week the incredible Jodie talked to me all about the horrific abuse her and her family suffered by her ex husband and the struggles she's faced since his imprisonment. It is a hard listen, but I wanted to give Jodie the space to talk freely about what happened, and she does so frankly. I think it's important for people to know what her family went through and the obstacles she's faced since his arrest. I feel much more needs to be done to protect people against domestic abuse and the financial complications that can follow. Jodie is doing amazing work trying to educate people about domestic abuse, so please share her story as awareness is so important for change!

I've posted her Instagram blelow, thanks as always to my lovely sponsor Golding Accountancy. Stay safe and sane and see you for Part 2 next week....big love xx

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