33. The Art of Building Bridges Made of Words

When we think about what society needs to thrive and evolve, we all agree on having a financially balanced, just, affordable, healthy, environmentally conscious, sustainable, and prosperous society. Yet, we live in a bipolar, fractured model, impossible to reconcile. Perhaps the words used to describe the facts force us to pick a side of the discussion. We might have to pay attention to who is speaking and their interests before choosing a side to defend. 

Today, joining me is Jared J. Brown, a government affairs consultant and former U.S. Senate aid at Senator Hatch's office. He played a primary role in the 2005 Tax Incentives Act, which promoted advanced vehicle technologies, alternative fuels for vehicles, and alt-fuel filling stations in the United States. Jared also led the 2007 tax credit for plugin and plugin/hybrid vehicles, focused on diversify transportations fuels, making them cheaper and cleaner. He also promoted laws to enhance geothermal and renewable power generation and carbon sequestration technologies. 

In this episode, we talk about the power of language and how it can either divide or help us reach our goals. We also talk about how political groups have been using language to separate American people, despite having the same goals. Jared also explains how he cut through divisive language and brought together opposing parties to enact transformative laws with massive environmental and economic impacts on the American people. 

Tune in and listen to Episode 33 of Moving Beyond Your Tribe to have a first-hand experience of the Senate dynamics and the law-making process. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to Senator Hatch's office (1:56)
  • In policy, every political group has been using language to divide the American people, right? (10:10)
  • How do you go beyond language? Because sometimes, people say something that doesn't resonate with what they want (14:44)
  • So you would say the difference between the parties from your interpretation is that mandates are more a tactic that the democrats would use versus republicans using more of an incentive? (20:19)
  • How did you then convince people that were not on your side to come together? (33:21)
  • What did you learn from this process? (43:50)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Jared's realization about gatekeepers and policy (6:06)
  • Language creates good and bad guys (9:59)
  • The making of the 2005 Tax Incentive Act (15:09)
  • Different ways of being a policymaker (19:06)
  • The AADD principle (25:51)
  • Focusing on the coincidences rather than the differences to achieve goals (45:37)


  • The Council for A New Economy website

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