32. The Warrior That Became Invincible After Surrendering To Love

The Warrior That Became Invincible After Surrendering To Love

We live in a society that is all about victory and success; there is no space for failure, needless to say, for surrender. We put ourselves in extreme situations seeking validation from external means, which could be a dangerous path to walk. CEOs and leaders have a hard time surrendering and expressing their weaknesses, which is essential for authentic power. 

Joining me today is Maura Barclay; she is an intuitive leadership consultant and Neuro Facilitation Practitioner. She presented her coaching programs based on intuitive empowerment for more than two decades for federal agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and the US military. She is the author of the inspiring book, Unbreakable Women, where she talks about compassionate self-defense and empowerment and explores the sour subject of violence against women with kindness and empathy.

In this episode, we talk about the endless trip for external validation, male policing, creating a safe psychological space where leaders can express their weaknesses, letting love lead us, being humbled by life, and much more. Tune in and listen to Episode 32 of Moving Beyond Your Tribe, and know the wholesome story of Maura, perhaps the closer someone can get to be a real superhero.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Could you give us a little intro on what it is to be a soulful leader? (1:50)
  • When working with CEOs, what is the most significant barrier that they have to break through? (3:44)
  • When you say feeding the workers, it's more being provided the company's mission and the values, right? (5:39)
  • How do you feed the CEOs to be what they're supposed to be like? (8:07)
  • Who is the woman behind the soulful leader? (11:54)
  • When you work with male CEOs, is there openness for help from a woman? (22:35)
  • How do you help CEOs to open up so that they can be better leaders? (24:39)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • An ounce of CEO language is worth a pound of HR (4:06)
  • Conflicts with managers are the main reason why people leaves companies (6:25)
  • How our beliefs mine our behavior (8:56)
  • The devastating effects of male policing on male CEOs (10:25)
  • Maura's journey for validation (12:20)
  • The difference we can make when we are connected with our soul (24:50)
  • Our body is always present; it is our mind that is in the Bahamas (35:25)


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