30. Angels, Kindness, and Coincidences. The Incredible Story of Art Andreas

If you are not in business to serve people, you shouldn't be in business. 

In today's episode, Art Andreas shares his inspiring life story. As a son of a young mother, he spent his childhood moving in and out of a children's home, a boarding school, and a mental illness institution for young people. Despite his history, he made it into the Navy, where he was part of a boot camp in San Diego. After an unfortunate incident, Art was expelled from the force with $800 and a handshake. Homeless, he was living at the beach until he met a family that would change his life. 

Art learned an unforgettable lesson about compassion, kindness, and gratitude from the Carr family, and that showed a new meaning of life, elusive to him until that moment. Tune in and listen to Episode 30 of Moving Beyond Your Tribe, and learn the details of Art's fascinating story and how he managed to keep the fire lit, regardless of how cold and dark life seemed around him. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • You have this thriving business, you've put several offices around the country; how did this all start? (2:31)
  • Where were you born? (4:01)
  • Where do you think your internal seed of never giving up came from? (7:57)
  • Talk to me about when you were homeless and the Angels in your life (11:02)
  • We are going through hard times; how would you encourage people to keep their fire burning? (32:05)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How God puts the right people on our paths (2:34)
  • The importance of never accepting defeat (7:40)
  • God allows us to experience pain, defeat, rejection for a reason (10:30)
  • Keep the focus on things that appeal and bring you joy (32:30)
  • Smile, service, kindness, and patience - the golden ticket to the ends of the earth (44:00)


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