21. Stories from Sioux Falls - Laurel Lather: The Magic of ‘The Market’

Carrying on from last week’s theme, I’m sitting down with another one of Sioux Falls’ most beloved and creative individuals, Laurel Lather! Laurel is the Owner and Managing Partner of ‘The Market’, a restaurant that for many years has brought joy and a sense of wonder to the community through new and exciting meals that challenged the taste buds of all who came to visit. 

It’s with a heavy heart that I say ‘The Market’ is sadly coming to a close after over twenty years in operation. I wanted to take this as an opportunity to hear Laurel’s reflection on how the restaurant has impacted the lives of so many, both members of staff and patrons of the establishment. 

We discuss what the final farewell has meant for Laurel and everyone who's been touched by the experiences they’ve had at her restaurant, why creating a familial vibe was so integral to the business' success, and why diversity within the food presented was such a key aspect to ‘The Market’s’ charm. 

Join us on Episode 21 of Moving Beyond Your Tribe to hear more!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did ‘The Market’ get started? (1:56)
  • How did you cultivate such a strong community feel at your restaurant? (7:10)
  • What was it that made your business so successful and magical for your patrons? (8:52)
  • What was the one meal you made at ‘The Market’ that surprised you the most? (14:28)
  • Were there any staple meals you served in addition to the new and exciting ones? (16:03)
  • Do you have any formal education in the culinary field? (17:07)
  • What was going through your mind during the restaurant's farewell ceremony? (33:47)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Some background on the Sioux Falls location of ‘The Market’ (4:20)
  • The diversity behind ‘The Market’s’ wine and seafood selection (11:12)
  • How the community responded to Laurel’s restaurant in its inaugural years (19:00)
  • The familial connection Laurel had with her staff & Why she prefers to hire individuals with less formal experience (21:41)
  • How Laurel utilized Facebook marketing (25:05)
  • Laurel’s reflection on how her restaurant impacted the lives of customers (31:27)

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