Moving Beyond Your Tribe

by Torund Bryhn

Have you ever been surprised when your friends,  boss or family do not understand you?  “Never assume the obvious” states the late New York Times columnist William Safire.  Never assume they understand you, because the obvious is that we get caught in our own circle of jargon, biases and tribes that can lead to misunderstanding resulting in disastrous consequences such as loss of profits, job & business opportunities, and even loss of friendships, clients and contracts. 

The Moving Beyond Your Tribe podcast is where we talk about new ideas, new words, new approaches to stepping out of our comfort zones to break free from our assumptions and create bridges to new opportunities.  I am your host Torund, a multipotentialite and political agnostic with a passion to bring all sides together through dynamic and thoughtful conversations.  I am a wordsmith by trade bringing insightful perspectives from 15 years of helping CEOs, US Members of Congress, US Presidential campaigns, nonprofits and corporations move beyond their tribe to develop messages and campaigns that ignite lasting impact.  

On this podcast, I will bring on notable and diverse guests from all walks of life to give us tools to help us  to be better leaders and colleagues, create stronger business culture, boost our productivity and profits, create impact on society with our message and more importantly, help us to be a Mensch. 

Now, lets gets started. 

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