Become Famous

by Torund Bryhn

You can no longer just talk about your product or service, now you must be real and accessible. Being real is the highest currency because you are your brand.

You are the product.


Being the product means people want to know who you are, your purpose, and what you believe before they invest - not just the benefits of the product or services you sell.


Join the Become Famous podcast with me, your host and Strategic Communications Expert, Torund, as we learn to maneuver in this new economy by speaking with masters on fame.

We will learn best practices on how to overcome fears & limitations and expand your gifts to thrive in today’s economy.


We will discuss topics like;

How do you manage to cancel culture?

How do you mix your personal life into selling? And how much sharing is necessary to maneuver in this fame economy?

How do you preserve privacy but be real when communicating within your community?


Each episode will give you tools and insights as you create an impact and become famous for what you do.

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