Peter Chambers: Dealing With Adversity

Peter Chambers had a career in banking until 2019, but left following a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease. Peter talks about dealing with this diagnosis, the rapid deterioration that comes with it, such as losing use of limbs, and coming to terms with having a disease with a 6-10 year mortality rate. Peter's message is touching and he bravely shares the life lessons that have come from dealing with such adversity.

This was a really heartfelt interview and teaches us to have perspective in what is important in life. Through having to come to terms with his own mortality and a disease that can only be managed, not overcome, Peter teaches us what is important to focus on in life. It was also an incredibly personal interview for me, having recently lost my uncle Bruce to Motor Neurone Disease, following a long battle. 

You can learn more about Motor Neurone Disease here:

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