Mitch Tambo: Singer & Songwriter

Mitch Tambo is an Australian singer and songwriter who self-released his debut EP in 2016. In 2019, he reached the final of the ninth series of Australia's Got Talent and garnered national attention. Mitch was recently appointed ambassador for UNICEF Australia and will play a pivotal role in raising awareness of rights and issues affecting children across Australia, the region and the world, focusing on early childhood education and mental health awareness. Mitch uses his voice to help others, embracing his deep commitment to his First Nations culture and the people he represents.

Nick Bracks joins Mitch on the show to discuss his career and the work he does in helping others, amongst many other topics. Mitch embraces his heritage, and uses his voice and talent to educate others about indigenous culture. 

Here are some links to find the latest info on Mitch, including his new single: 

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