Ep#138 - Erik Locke: Leading by Example (Brick by Brick #25)

Mental health remains a pressing issue across industries, but the construction industry stands out in an alarming way. 77% of employees say that they experience burnout at their current job. At best, this means increased sick days and reduced productivity in companies. At worst, this means an increased risk of suicide, with the construction industry having a suicide rate 4.5 times higher than the general public. This is unacceptable.

The construction industry and the trades experience uniquely challenging work conditions such as long hours, job uncertainty, and harsh working environments. This takes a toll on both the mental and physical health of employees, and often leads to unhealthy coping strategies, such as abusing alcohol and drugs to cope with stress. As men, it's often difficult to admit when we need to take a break, and even more difficult to admit when we need support. I've found that having candid conversations goes a long, long way, and I've seen first hand the change that comes from it on more occasions than I can count.

It takes courage to admit that you're struggling, and it opens up a space for others to do the same. Research shows that companies who invest in effective mental health solutions receive $2.18 for every dollar spent. We need to support our blue collar workers.Those who literally build the foundation for our nation. Together we can facilitate change and save lives, one conversation at time.

Erik Locke is the Chief Executive Officer at Incolink.


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