Asher Packman, Mindset guide & Wim Hof Method Instructor

Nick Bracks joins Asher Packman to discuss his story in overcoming cancer and major life obstacles, finding purpose, and how we can all make change from within.

Over the last decade, Asher has grown to become a globally recognized mindset coach and meditation teacher.

After a series of significant life events, including the diagnosis of a progressive rare blood cancer, Asher shifted gears to focus on health and wellbeing. Now holding qualifications in leadership, coaching and mentoring, he is a certified HeartMath and Wim Hof Method instructor, as well as a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

Asher is also the current president of Meditation Australia, the national peak body representing meditation and meditation teachers, and has spoken at events such as TEDx.

Back in 2004, Asher founded PR agency, The Sauce, servicing clients in Australia before the opening of a London branch in 2006 led to expansion across Europe, South-East Asia, China, India, Africa and the Middle East. Prior to that, he spent over five years with AOL (formerly AOL Time Warner) as a regional Vice President, heading up consumer and corporate communications in Australia, Asia and Europe.

You can learn more about Asher here:

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