Zak Brown | My big break

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown is on a mission to return the Formula 1 team to title-winning form, while also seeking success in IndyCar, Extreme E and at Le Mans. In Motor Sport's latest My big break podcast series, he tells Chris Medland about the moments that took him from growing up as a racing fan in California, to joining a select club of F1 team bosses.

Brown recalls meeting Mario Andretti as a youngster and the F1 veteran's advice that set him off on a racing career. He discovered his talent for marketing while trying to recruit sponsors, and used that ability to grow and sell a multi-million-dollar business that became the world's largest motor sport marketing company.

After turning down chances to work for Bernie Ecclestone and Liberty Media, McLaren came calling in 2016, and Brown reveals why he decided to join and how he has turned the team around, helped by his most radical decision - made soon after he joined.

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