S8E13 - Mommy's Secret (Featuring Eric Moneypenny)

"When a teenage girl discovers her own mother is behind the recent rash of nearby bank robberies, she's determined to help her come clean." -IMDB.com LOL
This week, Molly is joined by her ex-boyfriend Eric Moneypenny, who is actually very talented and charming despite dumping her after three years on a flip phone because he needed to learn his sketch comedy lines. JK, we laugh about it (???)
Eric is the funniest, If you're looking start writing comedy or brushing up on your skills, SIGN UP FOR HIS SKETCH CLASS. IT'S ON ZOOM AND AVAILABLE TO ANYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!
And if you feel like Venmoing Molly the equivalent of his very reasonably priced class just because, the user name is "wagsmom"
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