God Lessons in Everyday Life

If you stopped for a moment and reflected on the last 24 hours, would you be able to recognize the hand of God moving in your life? Could you see the lessons He has for you in the mundane and chaos? His provisions in the hardships and abundance? His extravagant race and radical mercy in the middle of a life you didn't plan but know deeply that it is divinely ordained?

Maybe you can raise your hands in a hearty, "Absolutely!" knowing God is in the details of your life. Or maybe you find yourself in a season of suffering, and the pain clouds your vision of His work.

No matter where you find yourself today, this episode with Caitlin Henderson is bound to give you a fresh perspective on the presence of God in your story. Caitlin comes to us as an unexpected farmer's wife, who is still learning to trust God with "everything from wayward tractors to watching a marriage grow from surviving to flourishing." This time with Caitlin is precious as we explore timeless truths about God's faithfulness. she reminds us to see the redemption in our own stories.

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