S12E06 I-10 Shooting suspect Leslie Merritt - Part 2 PLUS Sledgehammer Serial Killer, William Tyrrell & Female China Serial Killer

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This is part two of our look into the I-10 freeway shootings, which took place between August 29 and September 16, 2015.

Phoenix Arizona was a state in fear after several cars were struck by bullets. Investigators believed they had found the man behind the shootings -- twenty-one-year-old Leslie Merritt.

He was arrested and the following day, police announced that Merritt's gun had been matched to four of the eleven shootings.

They charged him with 15 criminal charges linked to the shootings.

In our news section:

- Sledgehammer serial killer crushed skulls of six strangers he lured off street in terrifying 17-day rampage 

- William Tyrrell’s foster parents hit out at claims of new suspect

- Female serial killer in China sentenced to death after two decades on the run

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