S11E03 Celebrity Stalkers - The man who killed John Lennon, The Man Who Shot Ronald Reagan (for Jodie Foster) and the man who killed Rebecca Schaeffer

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This week we are examining something different. A terrifying aspect of life in the public eye is sometimes the ‘fans’ you get. Most are just happy to meet you. But for others, the obsession can be frightening and even deadly. This week we are examining the minds of celebrity stalkers and particularly those that murder the objects of their desire, or in some cases carry out acts that are just as terrifying.

We profile Mark Chapman, John Hinckley and Robert Bardo.

In our news section:

  • Police in Little Rock, Arkansas, are searching for a suspected serial killer
  • Chilling details emerge about how the husband accused of dousing his wife in petrol and burning her alive allegedly jumped into a pool to save himself when the flames spread
  • Somerton Man to be exhumed by police in an attempt to solve the mystery of his identity
  • The new trailer for Dexter

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