S08E08 Richard Ramirez PLUS Joseph James DeAngelo (Golden State Killer), Dutch Torture Chamber, Aaron Glee Jr. & Peter Dupas

This week on Monsters Who Murder we examine the various media interviews conducted with Richard Ramirez following his capture. Ramirez was known as the Night Stalker, but he is not to be confused with the recently caught killer, Joseph D’Angelo known as the Original night stalker (among other monikers). 

Ramirez raped, tortured and murdered at least 14 victims over a 16 month period between April 1984 and August 1985. His youngest victim, was also his first. 9 year old Mei Leung was raped, beaten, stabbed and then hanged. The girl’s murder was only linked to Ramirez in 2009, yet a bombshell was dropped when a second person’s DNA was also found connected to the Leung crime scene.

Following Leung’s murder, Ramirez travelled across California where he would usually murder people in their homes after breaking in to rob them. Most of the women were raped and one elderly woman was even stomped to death by the killer.

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