S06E09 Elizabeth Wettlaufer PLUS Samuel Little, Edwin Hiatt (the man accued of murdering Barry Crane) & Ivan Milat

This week we continue our psychological profile of the Canadian serial killing nurse, Elizabeth Wettlaufer. 

Wettlaufer confessed to murdering eight senior citizens and attempting to murder six others in Southwestern Ontario between 2007 and 2016. She is one of the worst serial killers in Canadian history.

Last week we started taking you through the police interview and focused on Wettlaufer’s background and now we move on to her actual confession.

In our news section:

 - The FBI releases a video interview with Samuel Little, the man now considered to be the deadliest serial killer in US history

 - The man charged with the 1985 killing of prolific TV director Barry Crane has plead not guilty to one count of murder

 - Australia's worst serial killer, Ivan Milat, is reportedly on the brink of death.

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