S03E08 The Manson Family - The Murder of Sharon Tate PLUS Ian Brady (The Moors Murder), Anita Cobby Killer Attacked AND Billy Chemirmir

This week we profile the mass killings known as the Tate and LaBianca murders. 

These were the murders of seven people that occurred over two nights in August, 1969. They are some of the most brutal and shocking murders to occur in American history. 

We’ll examine the testimony and interviews with the killers… and find out how they look back on the crimes in hindsight. 

Plus we’ll take you through the timeline of events how it changed the time in America known as the summer of love. 

In our news section;

  •  Newly released files show Moors Murderer Ian Brady had access to vulnerable teens in jail with one young inmate alleging the child killer had sex with him.
  •  One of the men convicted of murdering Sydney nurse Anita Cobby has been attacked in prison.
  •  Google location tracking data has allegedly placed serial killer suspect Billy Chermirmir at the scene of deaths at an independent living facility.
  •  The Department of Education in New South Wales, Australia, has been accused of a cover-up after files of an alleged paedophile went missing.

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