S06E03 Col. David Russell Williams PLUS Sydney Stabbing, Jeffrey Epstein, John Russell Whitt AND 'The Toy Man'

This week we examine the twisted and sordid life and murders committed by former Canadian Forces Colonel David Russell Williams. 

Williams was arrested in 2010 following a nationwide manhunt after 27 year old Jessica Lloyd went missing. Tyre and shoe prints found at Lloyd’s home led police to Williams. 


During a marathon 10 hour interview with police, the highly decorated serviceman confessed to a range of crimes including another murder. 

You will hear the extraordinary police interview that brought Williams undone.

In our news section;

  • A man allegedly kills a woman before attacking others on a busy Sydney street
  • Inside the jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself
  • A man who has already been charged with his son’s murder is also suspected of killing his wife.
  • A vigilante serial killer hailed a hero for targeting car thieves

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