S05E09 NEW Charles Manson confession PLUS LaBianca Murders, Bruce McArthur, Derek Sam, Jane Andrews AND Nikos Metaxas

In the penultimate episode of our look into the Manson Family you will hear an EXCLUSIVE recording of Charles Manson admitting to the deaths of more people. In this recording from prison he details where the bodies are buried and you will find out why these deaths have strong political ties.

Also, we return our attention to the second night of killings at the home of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

In our news section;

 - Why Australian authorities are considering offering a convicted killer immunity

 - A former aid to the Royal Family launches her latest bid for freedom after being jailed for murder

 - Does a newly discovered SIM card hold more clues to the work of a serial killer?

 - Canadian authorities refuse requests to release video tapes in the case of serial killer Bruce McArthur.

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