S05E10 Charles Manson - Trial & Aftermath PLUS Kathleen Folbigg, "Toy Box" killer, Suspected NSW Serial Killer & Candian killers on the run

In the final episode of our special series looking into Charles Manson and the Manson Family we turn our attention to the trial and aftermath.

The summer of love and hippie culture was about to be destroyed by the realisation that the murders were perpetrated by those who sprouted peace and love but it would not be an easy ride and there were be more murders before the case was done. 

On August 10, 1969 the two cases, the Tate Murders and La Bianca murders were splashed across the news bulletins, but it was not going to be an easy case to solve and early details were dismissed.

In our news section:

  • Questions asked over whether a serial killer is on the loose on the east coast of New South Wales in Australia
  • Canadian authorities issue a warning about two teenagers believed to be on the run after a series of killings
  • Elderly Man Released From Prison Deemed Too Old To Be Dangerous Kills Again
  • Judge says an inquiry into the conviction of Kathleen Folbigg only served to reinforce her guilt
  • A woman considered on of New Mexico’s most notorious predators after pleading guilty to kidnapping and sexually torturing women is now a free woman.
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