S06E07 Terry Rasmussen (The Chameleon Killer) PLUS Making a Murderer, Robert Hayes & Samuel Little

Terrence Rasmussen was an American serial killer who used many aliases in a crime spree that spanned decades. 

He died in prison in 2010 after being convicted in the 2002 murder of his common-law wife but has since become the prime suspect in the Bear Brook Murders.

In our news section;

 - South Korean police believe that they have identified the man responsible for the Hwaseong serial murders

 - Police in Florida have arrested Robert Hayes as a possible suspect in the murder of four women between 2005 and 2016

 - An elderly prison inmate in a Californian prison has confessed to committing 93 stranglings.

 - A Wisconsin inmate has reportedly confessed to the murder of Teresa Halbach, the subject of the Netflix series Making A Murderer


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